Philadelphia Catholic League Championship Linescore

An analysis of this game is posted in an accompanying article.

When I was a kid, The Sunday Patriot-News, of Harrisburg, PA, would publish, the day after the games were played, a line score of each PIAA state championship game.  I would watch the championship games on televisoin--there were three classes in those days--and enjoy reading the line scores the following day.  In the event that visitors to this site might similarly enjoy reading the linescore of Neumann-Goretti's win over Archbishop Carroll in the Philadelphia Catholic League championship game, here it is:

Archbishop Carroll   Neumann-Goretti

1st Quarter

Donovan 3--3-0 C
     Fulton 3--3-3
Peal drive--5-3 C
     Fulton 2 free throws--5-5
     Shank 3--8-5 N
Yacob drive--8-7 N
Donovan breakaway--9-8 C
     Stewart pivot move--10-9 N
     Fulton 3 on inbounds play--13-9 N
Green 3 from behind a screen--13-12 N
Green steal and jump shot--14-13 C

2nd Quarter

Green pivot move--16-13 C
     Stewart dunk--16-15 C
Green 3--19-15 C
     Newton 3--19-18 C
     Davis 1 free throw--19-19
     Davis underneath--21-19 N
Peal pivot move--21-21
     Newton putback--23-21 N
     Davis underneath--25-21 N
     Fulton drive--27-21 N
Green jumpshot--27-23 N
Green baseline drive--27-25 N
     Fulton jumpshot--29-25 N
     Stewart 1 free throw--30-25 N

3rd Quarter

     Fulton steal and breakaway--32-25 N
Green 1 free throw--32-26 N
Green drive--32-28 N
     Shank drive--34-28 N
Yacob 2 free throws--34-30 N
     Newton 3--37-30 N
     Davis inside--39-30 N
Peal power pivot move--39-32 N
     Shank 2 free throws--41-32 N
Green 2 free throws--41-34 N
Peal power move--41-36 N
     Davis 2 free throws--43-36 N
Peal putback--43-38 N

4th Quarter

     Newton putback--45-38 N
     Davis 1 free throw--46-38 N
     Stewart 1 free throw--47-38 N
Green 2 free throws--47-40 N
     Davis 1 free throw--47-41 N
Green 2 free throws--47-42 N
     Davis 1 free throw--48-42 N
     Davis pivot move--50-42 N
Peal inside--50-44 N
     Newton running one hander--52-44 N
Green 3--52-47 N
     Davis 1 free throw--53-47 N
Green 2 free throws--53-49 N
     Newton 1 free throw--54-49 N
Yacob coast-to-coast drive--54-51 N
     Fulton 1 free throw--55-51 N
Green putback--55-53 N
     Fulton 1 free throw--56-53 N
Donovan 2 free throws--56-55 N
     Davis 2 free throws--58-55 N
     Stewart 1 free throw--59-55 N    

The scorers:

Neumann-Goretti: Lamin Fulton (16), Billy Shank (7), Derrick Stewart (7), Johnny Davis (16), and JaQuan Newton (13).

Archbishop Carroll: Juanya Green (30), Tracy Peal (12), Jay Donovan (7), and Yosef Yacob (6).

Other key statistics:  

Neumann-Goretti: Fulton had five rebounds, five assists, and three steals.  Stewart had 10 rebounds, two assists, and three steals.  Davis had seven rebounds.

Archbishop Carroll: Peal had seven rebounds and three assists.  Shane Randall had six rebounds and a steal.  Green had four rebounds and three assists.

Neumann-Goretti had 34 rebounds and 13 turnovers.  Archbishop Carroll had 27 rebounds and 11 turnovers.      


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